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What is my brain getting up to these days in the gaming world?
Here are the games I am currently amusing myself with.

I joined Guild wars 2 about three years ago, and it has provided me with many, many hours of excellent content.  Their first expansion, Heart of Thorns, is released very soon, and so I doubt my time in-game will lessen any time soon.

Another game I have been playing lately is the game ‘Knights of Pen and Paper +1’ by Paradox.  I got it in the Steam Sales, and it is very enjoyable.  16-bit game that emulates a Dungeons and Dragons group.  A bit of a spoof or parody really, but it only makes it better.



6 thoughts on “The workings of the Brain

    1. quietscribe Post author

      Hi there,
      Thanks for showing an interest in my writing. I update my own blog here when the mood takes me, and while I have written more officially for game websites before, I don’t know that I would necessarily be that interested in this case. The link on your own page just seems like another game blog site, much like my own, so I am not exactly sure what you are hoping to achieve, other than to have others write a blog for you for free, which really isn’t that appealing.

      If you are serious about getting your game blog website up and running, I would advise getting a great deal more content up there first, as well as increasing the diversity of games that are covered, or alternatively making it a very specific website. Until you have a well established site up, other authors are going to be reluctant to dedicate any time to it since game blogs are extremely common these days.

      I wish you well in your endeavors.

  1. Side Effects of testofen

    I simplү сouldn’t deρart your web site before suggesting tha I actually enjoyed the standarԁ info an individual supply on youг guests?
    Is ɡoing to bе again ceaseleѕsly too check uρ on neew posts

    1. quietscribe Post author

      Hi there,
      It was difficult to make out what you were trying to say, possibly translation issues, but I think you liked my writing? If so, thanks you 🙂

  2. Charkomangus

    Yes, I now have direct access to your blog. Will be reading through everything and leaving an inordinate amount of comments.


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