Divinity: OS – Tips: Crafting


Game Tips: Crafting

One of the most time consuming, interesting and yet vastly frustrating things in the game for me was the crafting.  Unlike in many other games, the crafting in Divinity Original Sin is not logical in it’s setup and even when many things are done logically, you will often come across things that defy that logic.  I have tried to list below some of the things that I feel that might benefit players who want to do some crafting in the game.




Tools and their uses

Identifying Glass – Used on unidentified loot items.  You need Loremaster skills for better gear
Cooking Pot – Used in combination with a bonfire to make a (not so) portable cooking station. This is a one-use item, but it does tend to stay there for future use. Used for some cooking items.  Also used to upgrade leather items.
Water Bucket or Cup – used for cooking. An empty cup can also be used for making juice.  Using a cup to add water to food does not consume the cup, but drinking juice from a cup does consume it.
Mortar & Pestle – used to grind herbs, mushrooms and bones for potions and making dust for other crafting.
Pickaxe – used for mining ore.
Hammer – used for blacksmithing, also useful for making lockpicks (hammer + nails)
Shovel – you need this to dig anything up, like graves or treasure.
Axe – any axe will do, its useful for turning logs into branches and woodchips
Knife – any knife will do, used on hides, branches, and other things for crafting
Shears – not shown in the image above. Have these in your pack on a character that has Pet Pal talent and it will give you some wool when you talk to sheep.

In addition to this, I would say that having extra bags and boxes of different sorts in your bag is super useful for sorting.  Just drag and drop them from the world into your pack.  Most will only weigh 5, however larger chests will weigh 50, so watch out.  Items in bags will not show up on traders screens, however the bag/box itself will, and you can sell the entire thing which saves time, assuming the vendor has enough gold.

Crafting general useful items – (crafting skill)

There are some commonly used items that are useful to know the recipes for, especially if you go in for crafting.  Here are some of the ones I found the most useful.

  • Leather Scraps = Animal Hide + Knife/dagger
  • Backpack = Leather Scraps + rope
  • Lockpick (x4) = hammer + nine inch nails
  • Lockpick = soap + key (key is not consumed)
  • Bonedust = skull/bone + mortar & pestle
  • Stardust = Stardust plant + mortar & pestle
  • Pixie Dust = bonedust + stardust

Crafting Food – (uses crafting skill)

In general, I have not really found food to be that useful in the game, but should you wish to make use of the items you find, even just to sell them, then you will first need a cooking station and oven depending on what you want to make.
Cooking Pot + campfire = Mobile Kitchen
To cook items, drag different ingredients together in your bag to make different combinations (some may work), or onto the mobile kitchen or oven.

Crafting Potions – (uses crafting skill)

I didn’t find potions that useful early on, but later in the game they become more useful, especially since your crafting will be higher which makes your potions stronger. Empty potion flasks or bottles + ingredients = potion
These potions can then be combined to create different ones.  These are the ones I found to be most useful:

Mushrooms & Plants Combinations
  • Penny Bun Mushroom – healing potion
  • Bluegill – water resistance potion
  • Jellyshroom – air resistance potion
  • Guepinia – fire resistance potion
  • Earth tongue mushroom – earth resistance potion
  • Drudana – poison resistance potion
  • void essence – invisibility potion
  • small potion + small potion = medium/large potion (depending on crafting skill)
  • potion + Augmentor = larger potion
  • healing potion + whisperwood = magical armour potion
  • magical armour potion + Air resist potion = invisibility potion
  • fire resist + earth resist = resist all
  • air resist + water resist = resist all

Crafting Arrows – (crafting skill)divinity-arrows

Arrows are fairly logical considering the rest of the crafting

Log + Axe = Wood Chips + Branch (x2)  
Branch + Knife = Arrow Shaft
Arrowhead + Arrow shaft = Arrow

You will accumulate many different arrows and arrowheads if you compulsively loot crates and barrels etc.  Have a bag set aside for arrows only to stop insanity from occurring.

You can make your own special arrow heads by dipping plain Arrowheads in different things, such as Barrel/cup of oil, Ooze barrels, debuff potions and some resistance potions.

You don’t actually need arrows in order to use a bow.  Keep special arrows only for difficult boss fights or situations.

Crafting Spells – (crafting skill)

Crafting spell scrolls and spell books is actually fairly straight forward and logical to do, however the game does seem to have increased the crafting required recently.  If you are playing a spellcaster, I would highly recommend getting high crafting for this alone as it is super useful.

Note that you cannot craft man-at-arms, scoundrel or archer spells or books, only the others.  Also, there are some scrolls that cannot be made into books, like the magic unlock spell and resurrect, however you can buy some of these from vendors if you are lucky.

divinity-scrollsMagic Quill & Ink Pot
You only need one of these, they are reusable.
Pillow + Knife = Feather
Feather + Knife = Quill
Quill + Ink Pot = Quill & Ink pot
Quill and Ink Pot + Pixie Dust = Magic Quill & Ink Pot

You can make paper or loot paper/parchment, but you can also use pre-written paper from quests you have completed.  Make sure the quests ARE done though, as it is easy to destroy quest items that way (I did it).  Quest items are not immediately obvious in this game.

Log + Axe = Wood Chips + Branch (x2)  
Wood Chips
+ Water (well/barrel of water/cup of water) = Wood Mush
Wood Mush + Furnace/oven = Blank Paper

Scrolls and Books
Paper/parchment + elemental essence/pixie dust
= Blank spell scroll
Blank Spell Scroll + Magical Quill & Ink Pot = Random Spell Scroll
Blank Spell Scroll + Blank Spell Scroll = Blank Spell Book
Blank Spell Book + Scroll = Spell Book

The elemental essences will start dropping in loot and appear in vendors as you progress through the story/your level improves.  Elemental essence for fire/water/earth/air scrolls, pixie dust for witchcraft scrolls.

The level of the spell scroll you craft is dependant on your crafting skill.  It is also random, so you might want to do a quicksave before making it.

Crafting Jewellery – (crafting skill)

This is where crafting starts to get pretty .. frustrating.  There are so many items that could potentially be used to craft auxiliary items and it is difficult to tell what may work and what won’t, no matter how logical it seems.

The following is generally true:

item + pixie dust = magic item
magic item + Jeweller’s ring kit = magic ring
magic item + leather helmet = magic helmet
magic item + thread/bowstring = magic amulet
magic item + rope = magic belt
rabbit foot = lucky charm
chicken foot = initiative
Claw = strength
Eye = perception
Feather = dexterity
Rat tail = lesser poison resist
Skull = intelligence
Starfish = HP
Tooth = charisma
Tusk = loremaster

You will find better items than the ones you can make here, but for the early levels, especially when equipping other party members, these are pretty decent.

Crafting Weapons and Armour – (crafting and blacksmithing skill)

There is really no logical or simple way of explaining how to make different weapons and Armour without actually listing them all.  They don’t even all require the same skill, for some are crafting (wood based items) while others are blacksmithing (metal based items).  To spare repeating things already listed on other websites, I shall instead merely point you in their direction.

Overall, I never actually crafted any weapons or armour, since the loot I found was generally better than the ones I could craft.  Upgrading is another matter however.

This link doesn’t have everything on it, but it has a lot.  Many recipes listed on this post have come from the compilation here.

Upgrades and Enhancements – (crafting and blacksmithing skills)

There are different ways of upgrading your weapons and armour, even some ways of doing the same upgrade different ways.  Some items seem not to be able to be upgraded as well, so my basic advice is to try different things until you find something that works for you.  I have tried to list the main ways of upgrading items below.
Note: the name of the item doesn’t seem to change when you improve items, despite the fact it is meant to.

The higher your crafting/blacksmithing, the better the result.  Thanks again to this page for the main information.

Armour Weapons
  • Any Apparel + Void Essence = + Sm, Sneaking
  • Any Footwear + Nine Inch Nails = + Immunity to Falling/Slippery
  • Any Cloth Armor + Leather Scraps = +Sm, Def
  • Any Cloth Chest Armor = Metal Scraps = +Med, Def
  • Any leather Armor + Mobile Kitchen = +Sm, Def
  • Leather Armor + Metal Scraps = +Med, Def
  • Any Metal Armor + Anvil = +Sm, Movement
  • Plate Armor + Plate Scraps = +Med, Def
  • Any Armor + Pearl = +Gold Value
  • Any Chest Armor + Ruby = +Sm, RES All
  • Any Helmet + Ruby = +Sm, RES All
  • Any Chest Armor + Elemental essence = Elemental resist
  • Any Wooden Shield + Metal Scraps = Boosted Wooden Shield
  • Any Metal Shield + Anvil = Boosted Metal Shield
  • Any Shield + Elemental Essence = +Sm, Elemental Resist
  • Any Metal Weapon + Grindstone/Whetstone = Boosted Metal Weapon
  • Any Weapon (Except Staff) + Tenebrium Bar = +Tenebrium Effect
  • Any Weapon + Tormented Soul = + Sm, STR & Sm, DEX
  • Any Bow/Crossbow + Bowstring = Boosted Bow/Crossbow
  • Any Bow/Crossbow + Sextant = + Sm, PER & Sm, DEX
  • Staff/club + Moonstone = +Med, Dmg
  • Any Weapon + Poison = +Sm, Poison DMG
  • Any Weapon + Elemental Essence = + Sm, Elemental damage
  • Any Weapon (Except Staff) + Joshua Spice = +Lg, Fire DMG

Useful Links

Steam Forums – Crafting and Cooking FAQ and recipes
This has a good FAQ for people starting to craft

Larian Forums – Crafting Recipes & Guide
This has most, if not all of the recipes listed.  Use the browser ctrl + f to find items you have in your inventory

Game Pressure Website = Crafting and Blacksmithing
Although the layout of the crafting information is annoyingly split over many small snippet pages, I have found this website a treasure-trove for non-crafting hints and tips, including quests and maps.


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