Divinity: OS – Tips: Skills and Talents

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Tips: Player Skills and talents


These are fairly self explanatory.  I would like to mention that having a character that has good perception can help avoid instant-death via traps. I have one hired character that has excellent perception.  This also helps her find extra treasure once in a while.


Weapon skills
Weapon skills only seem worth it if you are actually hitting an enemy with your weapon.  This usually applies except for mage types who are casting spells, so I -think- that adding ‘two handed weapon’ skill to a mage is worthless unless you are physically hitting them with the staff in melee.

Defensive Skills
All these are useful, but I would say that they are most useful to melee characters who are going to take the brunt of the damage.  Ranged characters are likely going to find better use of their skill points.

Spell Skills
All your characters will want to have most of their points in these (with perhaps the exception being a tank (the character who tries to take the most agro and keep mobs away from the other players in the group) who may well have more in melee weapons and defensive skills.

What I would say is that it seems useful for most of your party to have at least one skill point in Hydro, because I found it super useful being able to throw up a ranged heal to a struggling party member when needed.

Other than that, be aware that spell skills, everything from pyro to man-at-arms, limits how many spells you can learn depending on your skill level.  Once you get to level 5 however you can learn ALL of the skills of that line should you wish to.

Personality Skills
Leadership – This is worth one party member having.  I put mine on the tank as it buffs all your characters.
Charisma – worth it only if you want to avoid extra fights
Lucky Charm – Not worth it.  Only gives you a small chance at extra basic loot, not a chance at better loot for the ones you naturally find I don’t think.
Bartering – This decreases the sale price of items from vendors automatically.

Nasty Deeds Skills
I have not had much chance to test out the nasty deeds skills to be honest.  I have a couple of points of lockpicking (one natural, one via gear) on a character, but most chests I have found actually have keys nearby, or you can blast them apart with spells.

I am guessing pickpocketing might give you more loot, but I have had little need for extra except in the beginning, although sneaking might well help a rogue type character during combat.. I just don’t know.  Not tried it.

Craftsmanship Skills

As you progress in the game, you will get loot with bonuses to craftsmanship skills.  Don’t sell those, as swapping out gear for crafting etc will save you skill points.  Keep a bag with crafting/blacksmithing/lockpicking/loremaster gear in it.

Blacksmithing – Being able to repair your gear is useful, but you need some smithy to do that.  So far though I have found far better gear than the ones I am able to make, and I was able to upgrade high level gear with only Blacksmithy level 4 for the most part.  Overall though I found Crafting a far more useful skill to have.
Crafting – I have found this one super useful.  You need crafting to craft spellbooks, which I use a LOT.  You also need it to make potions and upgrade other types of weapons and gear.  Having level 5 crafting is highly recommended.
Loremaster – You need this to identify items.  Most of the good loot is unidentified, so yes, a great skill to have.  I seem to find +loremaster gear the most frequently of all the skills, but you will likely need at least one point in order to identify that gear.  Make sure you get up to level 5 loremaster, because without that you cannot use the best gear that you get as loot drops.
Telekenisis – This skill is sort of useful. It lets you pick up items and move them without being physically near them.  This is useful for a character disabling traps or picking up loot from hard-to-reach places.  Putting it on a character with high strength would likely be the most useful as they can pick up heavier items anyway.  I didn’t use this skill much though, and any points were through gear bonuses.


Many of the talents in the game are worth it depending on your playstyle.  I have listed a couple below that I felt were worth mentioning.

Lone Wolf – Be aware of this talent. It decreases your party size.  Without this skill, you have a potential party size of 4, if one character has it you have a party size of 3, but if both your characters have it, you only have the two main characters.
– some animals can help you find loot that would be near impossible otherwise, sometimes they give hints as to where things are etc.  Not a critical skill, but it can be useful for one of the team to have
Leech – This is super useful for melee characters.  You get health when you stand in blood, and if you are in the middle of the action, this is free health.
Opportunist – Great for melee characters. If a mob is beside you and moves away to attack another player, you hit them for free.
All skilled up – 2 extra ability points.  Super useful since each upgrade to a skill increases in cost
Bigger and Better – 1 extra attribute point.  Super useful
Far out Man – useful for spellcasters, increases the range of spells and scrolls

Dialogue Traits

Depending on how your characters speak with each other, you get certain character traits, such as Compassionate, Righteous, Blunt etc.  These give you certain buffs.

Thanks goes to http://divinity.wikia.com/wiki/Divinity:_Original_Sin_Traits for the table below:

Left bonus Left Right Right bonus
+1 Willpower Independent Obedient +1 Willpower when an ally with Leadership is in sight
+3% Critical Chance Compassionate Heartless +20% chance to hit when backstabbing
+2 Reputation Altruistic Egotistical +1 Bartering
+1 Leadership Righteous Renegade +1 Pickpocketing
Immune to Charmed Blunt Considerate +1 Charisma
+1 Initiative Bold Cautious +1 Sneaking
+1 Crafting Pragmatic Romantic +1 Lucky Charm
Immune to Cursed Forgiving Vindictive +20% chance to hit on attacks of opportunity
Immune to Fear Spiritual Materialistic +1 Loremaster

More information and useful links

Game Pressure Website – Divinity Original Sin
I have found this website a treasure-trove for non-crafting hints and tips, including quests and maps.  Beware though that it has very easy access to all the maps, quests and secret locations etc.  Use only if you are stuck or it can ruin the exploration experience.


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