2-02. Making Magical Items


2. Making Magical Items – 9th October 2014

Make_Magic_Items_PosterOur heroes, having once more saved the town of Winterhaven came back to town, hoping for a little respite. It was during this time when there was a lull in the hostilities of the world that they found copies of parchment pinned up around town advertising the services of a certain Bovias the Ingenious and his ability to teach others how to create magical items.

At first there seemed to be some confusion as to whether the leaflet was to speak to this Bovias about finding magical items, and Gwenn moved around town taking down all the leaflets to ‘stop anyone else from finding the treasure’. However this lapse was short lived, and it soon became apparent that it was indeed a poster advertising the teaching of enchanting skills.

Intrigued, Gwenn and Ulrik asked around, and finally found that the man had taken up residence above the general store owned by Bairwin and headed that way.

Upon getting there, it appeared two other travellers had also noticed the leaflets prior, who were already speaking to the man. Bairwin seemed to me to be a very canny salesman, for despite having only recently dealt with the undead incursion in the cemetery he got them to agree to go hunting for a chest of missing reagents before he could teach them, for apparently his business was doing so well that his main store of reagents had been used up teaching others.

So it was that Gwenn and Ulrik set off with the two newcomers Heskan and Adrie in search of the chest of reagents stolen by goblins en route.

Raodside Ambush by Koboldsenconter 01

It was during this trip to the north that they were ambushed by six Kobolds.

As with such new alliances, it took a while for the four to gain understanding of each other’s fighting style, but by-and-by the kobolds were dispatched.

Unfortunately there was little in the way of reward for this inconvenience. Exhausted, the group set up camp and slept, taking turns at standing watch for danger.

Rested and healed, they moved on, returning to their quest to find the goblins and what they had stolen.

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