2-03. Making Magical Items continued


3. Making Magical Items continued – 17th October 2014

  It was after the group had fully rested that Orag staggered back into camp, having caught up with the group after overindulging in some manner of drinking contest to win the affections of Gwenn. He seemed to think this had gone well, however I could see little change in the overall interaction between the two. I know little of minotaur and goliath courting practices however, so only time will tell.

Along with Orag, another adventurer came along, having taken on the challenge of Orag to see whose axe was better. It seems that dwarves and goliaths both take their axe wielding very seriously.

It was before moving on that they realized that their healer, Ulrik, had wandered off into the woods and was nowhere to be seen. I seem to remember him making a comment about ‘reasserting his contact with nature’ but more than that is a mystery. As such, he missed the ensuing battle.

Goblins in a ruined buildingenconter-04

Moving on, the group came across a ruined, but still somewhat formidable stone building currently inhabited by goblins, the very same that were said to have stolen the shipment chest of reagents that Bovias the Ingenious had sent them to collect.

Despite them attempting some subtlety at entering the building, they soon set off several traps that while not fatal, did alert the goblins to their presence and had debilitating and ongoing damage.

The goblins, despite this advantage, were soon failing in their attempts to overcome their attackers. The most formidable of the goblins was a spellcaster, whose skills very nearly rivaled one of the heroes. It could not win against this group however and soon fell with the rest of it’s vile group.

The dead goblins, stripped of what useful or valuable items they had on them, and the sealed chest of reagents procured, the heroes headed back to town.

Returning to town

Upon getting back to town, the group went back to Bovias to trade the procured chest of reagents for getting taught how to enchant and disenchant weapons and armour using Bovias’s ritual books.

Heskan offered up his longbow for enchanting, and after 1 hour during which he performed the ritual with Bovias’s enchanting reagents, he ended up with a far superior bow.

From what Bovias said, it became clear that one could only enchant an item up to the same power level as the person casting it, and that for a more powerful enchantment, the amount of reagents required would increase. [enchantment reagents cost the same as the sell-price of the item created].

After this, the group decided to learn how to disenchant gear, and offered up a hexer’s rod that they had procured from the Goblins for this purpose. After an hour of ritual, (and sacrificing 25 gold pieces to Bovias for the ritual components) the Hexer’s Rod was broken down into a fine magical enchanting dust that the heroes could use for future enchantments.

Ritual_storeBovias, ever the charismatic and canny businessman then told the heroes that should they wish to do further enchanting and disenchanting they would have to purchase their own ritual books and reagents, since they had used his book for the ones today, but that he could sell them such books. Each ritual, he let them know, used up one page of the book.

He also said that the enchanting reagents were rare to come by, and they would be best to try and procure them by disenchanting magic items they found when out and about, although he would attempt to supply some when they became available from his trading contacts.

The heroes then left the shop to contemplate the day’s adventures, returning to the inn without attempting to purchase any extra books or reagents. The shop was always there for another day, after all.

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