2-05. Taming the Beast

Dice-bag-banner5. Taming the Beast – 20th November 2014

[ Although this campaign scenario was played after the start of Haunted Hamlet, chronologically in the story it came directly after The Old Master’s Lesson]

Al’right, I have had enough! Your blasted mountain lion has pissed over my floor and customers for the last time! Either you train him properly or you leave my Inn! “ The angry tavern keeper, already dubious about the group after the altercation in his tavern earlier, seemed to have got to the point of no return with the group. His voice was loud and it jarred people’s attention. Trails of mountain lion pee littered the floor in it’s joy of greeting customers.

Gwen, the instigator of the earlier problems, was nowhere to be seen, perhaps thankfully, for her recent temperament seemed ill-suited to putting up with such a brash dressing-down to the group. However, she was not there, and after some discussion it was decided that the best thing to do would indeed be to go and find some way of dealing with the incontinent mountain lion, not wanting to lose the convenience of free rooms at the inn.

The tavern keeper was ill-disposed to helping them with information, but he did suggest speaking to either Master Valthrun who may have had books on pet training or the Stablemaster who was used to training unruly beasts. Obviously they could not approach Master Valthrun so soon after the earlier trouble, and so it was to the Stablemaster that the group went.

Although the Stablemaster did not know of anything himself, he had heard of an item that might be used for training and sent the group to a hunter to attempt to find such an item.

enconter 02It wasn’t long before they came across a fallen tree across the road. They were ill disposed to trying to cut their way through the underbrush, and paused a moment to consider the options. However a sharp eye noticed that not only were there cutting marks on the tree, but that there were also kobolds waiting in ambush.

Needless to say, the heroes had no trouble with the kobolds and they all lay dead and the group moved on with a little extra gold in their pockets.

It wasn’t that much later that they found the hunter that they sought in the hopes he knew of the item of pet training they were seeking.

Ah, yes, I do know of the item that you seek. A trapper by the name of Bilus had it, but he died some 2 years ago, eaten by goblins. Feel free to go poke around his cabin if you like though, who knows, it might still be there. Wouldn’t bet on it though.”

Despite the poor outlook of the trip, the group decided that they might as well go and look at the cabin further down the track. And thus it was not too much later that they came upon the derelict cabin.

enconter 03Perhaps after previous experiences, and perhaps also devoid of the more impulsive Gwen, they proceeded with caution, understanding that a trapper may well indeed have left a hidden and trapped storage area within the cabin that may not have been ransacked by goblins and other travelers.

Despite their caution, they found no traps initially, but they did find very large, and very violent rats.

Orag, ever brave, managed to round up the rats into a large group around himself and the rest were able to kill them at leisure. While the fight was bloody, the heroes did triumph.

Upon entering the building, it was soon discovered that there was indeed a hidden area within the cabin, under one of the floor tiles, and indeed, it was trapped. They managed to take care of the trap successfully and they were rewarded by a good deal of treasure for their efforts, including the special training belly-band for the mountain lion.

Triumphant, they headed back to town and returned to the tavern.

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