2-07. The Haunted Hamlet continued

Dice-bag-banner7. The Haunted Hamlet continued – 27th November 2014

After a short rest, the group decided to try and sneak up into the highest floor of the tower keep in order to try and get some combat advantage. Unfortunately many of the heroes do not seem to have the stealthy skillset that one might hope for such a task, and it failed, and they were soon beset with multiple skeletons.

Keep_floor3Although the group were initially successful, and took down a couple of the less-sturdy undead, it soon became apparent that the rest were by far more challenging, not the least of which was the skeleton of the Lord Rhmal, the leader of the Hamlet. The heroes seemed increasingly concerned and worried at the power of this undead, especially when Adrie fell unconscious from the brutal assaults.

It was only through skill and courage that these brave heroes managed to take out the rest of the skeletons, leaving only the Lord himself, and as time went on, the unknowing savagery of the skeleton slowly gave way to a more aware mind as his earthly remains were damaged.

It was finally Ulrik who managed to speak with the skeleton and get a response. It seemed as if they had worn away the creature far enough that his spirit was finally able to gain some manner of consciousness within. Although many of the heroes were close to death, and their success was in question, this turn of events allowed them to gain the aid of the spirit in restraining the physical body of the skeleton for a time. Time enough for them to destroy it.

When the body was destroyed, falling to the ground in a heap of bones and old cloth, the spirit of the man became visible, causing some cries of dismay, but they need not have been worried. The Lord, in this state, and outside the light of day, was able to give the heroes the information they needed.

Stop Adventurers, you will not get what you seek here. Merely slaughtering our earthy remains will not stop this blight upon Pelor’s will, for tomorrow we will but rise once more.

If you truly wish to put this town to rest, as it should be, you need to seek out a High Priest or Priestess of Pelor, for they will know the rituals to perform to set things right.

It was all my blasted uncle’s fault. He sought items of power to extend his life, getting more desperate as the years went on. Nothing worked however, or it didn’t work as intended. When the necromancer Kalarel spread his power to the land, it seemed to awaken one of the artifacts my uncle had gathered, and to terrible effect. The whole town began to get sickly and weaken. By the time we realized that this was no ordinary sickness it was too late. My uncle, and most of the town lay dead overnight, and only the fact I had some rudimentary shielding up saved me long enough to fashion some barriers, keeping the effect from spreading.

Do not try to undo the wards I have put up around the edges of the town, for as the artifact feeds, so to does it get stronger and spreads, like a plague.

I called upon Pelor to save us, but he could not, not with the power of another god getting stronger by way of the artifact. So, because we were trapped here, unable to move onto his realm, he gave us the daylight hours of our restlessness to have the simple joys of living, unknowing of our fate or that of the village. Only when the artifact is dealt with will Pelor be able to finally take our souls and give us true peace and joy.

pelor-pendantThe group asked the ghost of Lord Rhmal several other questions about the location and message they were to pass on, including, it had to be said, questions about monetary compensation and looting of the corpses of the fallen skeletons. The latter did not go down well, and it was extremely clear that the Lord did not look kindly on this sort of question. He made no answer as to reward, but he did allow them to take a small amulet representing the Pelor faith from his bones as a way of corroborating the story to the High Priest or Priestess they were to go and see.

Thus the conversation was completed, the heroes left the room without (thankfully) scavenging anything from the fallen people, before moving outside the hamlet’s boundaries to the forest once more, taking the fallen Adrie with them, so that they might rest and heal properly before the long journey ahead of them.

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