2-08. To the Temple

Dice-bag-banner8. To the Temple – 16th December 2014

After an extended rest in which the heroes revived their fallen comrade, Adrie, they decided that they would indeed go and seek out a High Priest or Priestess of Pelor to attempt to lift the curse upon the Hamlet.

Thus fortified with purpose, they set out with the directions given by the ghost on what might prove to be a far more lengthy trip than they had initially surmised.

map 0It was during this journey that their path led them into a canyon, whose sides were around 20 feet tall. Most of the heroes became wary, suspecting ambush, and rightly so. 

It was with the rather strange action of Heskan tossing a bit of trail food up into the air that sprung the trap, but the heroes were ready as Goblins sprung up on either side of the canyon walls, shooting bolts down upon them.

The druid Adrie certainly proved her worth in the group in this dangerous terrain, for her ability to conjure vine whips to tangle and drag foes towards her proved invaluable in an area where the enemies were otherwise out of reach. Many goblins fell to her skill, and indeed fell from the 20 foot high ledges. Though many of the creatures fought on, they were no match for the group.

The only worry was when one of the goblins, previously hidden, managed to get to a horn situated on one side of the canyon and called in reinforcements from the caves beyond. It was lucky that the blast from it didn’t alert the rest of the caves it seems, only the outermost one.

Traps were triggered and avoided and soon the heroes were given a chance to rest briefly before continuing on either further through the canyon, or to delve deeper into the goblin caves.

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