2-10. Circles of Cleansing

Dice-bag-banner10. Circles of Cleansing – 23rd January 2015

Rested and refreshed, the group of adventurers set out the long journey from the Temple of Pelor with it’s High Priestess back to the small Hamlet. The goblin canyon was deserted except for the slaughtered remains of its previous inhabitants (now starting to smell). All in all, they decided it was best to hurry on past and get to their destination as quickly as possible.

So it was that they once more reached the Hamlet, and took the southern path they had neglected to search before, for the High Priestess could tell immediately where the origins of the necromantic power was coming from. 

HamletMap2circles on map

The High Priestess told the adventurers that once the artifact had been obtained, it was likely to try and defend itself by raising the dead, even though it was in the middle of the day. Because the ritual itself could not be disturbed, they would have to hold off the waves of undead while she cast three rings of wards around the artifact before starting the ritual. If the wards were damaged before all three were cast, they would have to be re-cast.

Fortified with some extra potions, they cautiously went into the tomb and pried open the lid of the sarcophagus that she pinpointed as holding the source of the necromantic power.

Immediately the dead started to stir and they rushed outside to gain the best strategic positions for the oncoming battle.

The battle was hard fought, with more undead coming from through the trees, though the light of day seemed to slow them.

It was as the skeletal remains of the two most powerful of the dead were bearing down upon the group and things looked increasingly bleak, that all the skeletons suddenly fell to the ground, all animation from them gone as the cleansing ritual was completed. Triumphant, the group took some time to heal and rest before heading back towards Winterhaven.

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