2-11. Drop-in Visit

Dice-bag-banner11. Drop-in Visit – 6th & 20th February 2015

On the road back to Winterhaven, the group’s spirits were high after the triumph over the undead. Although they had gained no monetary wealth from the battle, battling so many undead in such a relentless pace had focused their minds on the enemy and had gained a greater understanding of battle techniques. The experience itself had had a reward it seemed.

However, whether through negligence or merely through the very well hidden nature of the site, the group did not notice the unstable ground on the trail back to town. All but Adrie fell into the depths below, though she soon followed them in to what appeared to be the basement level of a ruin of some manner, long hidden by the undergrowth.

Not only this, but the group found themselves sprawled about alongside, or on top of some other adventurers who had likely fallen into the same trap as themselves: Quelanna, an Eladrin war wizard, a strange manner of Genasi female who made herself known as ‘Lady Knuck’, and a Kenku seeker by the name of Corvar.
drop in mapDeeming it wise to stick together in this unknown location, one that smelled distinctly of Kobolds and drakes, they edged forward while nursing their bruises from the fall.

What became clear from the outset was that these Kobolds had not only set themselves up in a previously abandoned basement area of a building, but that building had had defenses, or ones that that the Kobolds had adapted, far beyond that which had been seen by the adventurers before, such as the water-based traps that knocked down intruders and could only be turned off by the use of a well-hidden control panel. A number of the group fell foul to this trap, as well as others the kobolds had made with collapsing ceilings.

Early worries about drakes was also proven well-founded, and while initially the motley group seemed to defeat the kobolds and their draken allies, it was the ill-judged exploration of Adrie that brought down the combined forces of the Kobolds and drakes upon them. The group were soon trapped in a room trying to hold off not only kobolds and drakes, but extremely dangerous fire beetles, something the group had never come across before.

Well, you can imagine that at this point I was severely concerned for the health of our heroes, but one by one each of the drakes, and then the kobolds were taken down until only the hearty fire-beetles remained. Their fire breath devastated the group, and our hardy dwarf Ulrik fell foul to their breath, though his companions managed to stabilized him and the combined efforts of the group managed to take down the rest of the beetles.

Exhausted but triumphant the group took to exploring the rest of the underground lair. Various traps were set off, many of which were by Gwenn who charged off to explore, much as Adrie had done earlier, without the rest of the group. However eventually all the loot was gathered, and the party met up outside and headed back to Winterhaven to get some rest and resupply.

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