3-00. Foreword from the Scribe

ghost-scholarForeword from the Scribe

Let me introduce myself. I am Kenar Hevathar, former apprentice to the great Valthren of Winterhaven.

I first met the group of heroes at the completion of their great adventure to slay the notorious necromancer Kalarel. I had been drawn from the slumbers of death by residual necromantic magic and decided that now was not my time to rest, and that I would document the travels and adventures of these heroes as they did other great and beneficial acts across the land.

So it was that I traveled, largely unseen, with the group, documenting their exploits, however life for the group was not as I had imagined. Even as the group itself changed and shifted, some members moving off to other places, while new members joined, it also became clear to me that the life of the heroes was not so glorious as I had once believed.

Indeed, as time moved on, I had to admit to myself that the group, at least as it was now, were not heroes as I would have written them, but mercenaries. Although the group did indeed vanquish much evil in the land, it was not out of the goodness of their hearts, but of necessity, survival and coin that they did so. There have even been times lately when, I am ashamed to say, they have behaved less than chivalrously and kindly towards others.

Of those of the group that I had first joined, now only the goliath Orag and the dwarf shaman Ulrik remains. It is doubtful whether any of those of the group remember I travel with them. It is, perhaps, better this way.

And so it is that I write this, with a heavy heart for having to dismiss my naive hopes of heroism in this group, and with an almost morbid fascination that I now watch the group turn further towards violence and greed while still attempting on the surface to aid others. Perhaps there is some good to be found in them, and perhaps this journey they now undertake will prove them better than they started out. I hope, for their sake, that this is the case.

I am set to recall the words of the High Priestess of the temple of Pelor, when she said that people who fight evil are themselves in danger of becoming that evil if they do not take care of their souls and their actions. I wonder whether this is what has happened with this group, or whether merely the circumstances of previous adventures did not so clearly show the degeneration of morals. Perhaps it may also be true that I, in my hopes, gave them more heroic credit than was deserved.

Only time shall tell.

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