3-04. Chamber of Eyes

4. Chamber of Eyes – 3rd April 2015

Chamber_map02The morning after, the group made their way back to the Chamber of Eyes, determined to make a better job of clearing out the Bloodreavers than they had the previous day. Moving back into the building, it was clear that the areas they had cleared before had been left as such, perhaps not even noticed despite the time.

Heading left into the room that had been used as sleeping accommodation, and into the hall past it, Corvar stealthily opens the door into the next room. Although there had been no sound, luck was not with him, for both of the Duregar guards there had been facing that way and saw the group, instantly springing into action.

The fight was a protracted one, for the guards, much like those they had met the previous day did not merely fight to the death unaided, but were quick to bellow for some help from those further in the building. The leader of the Bloodreavers, Krand, soon showed himself along with some other guards, intent on putting the interlopers to their operation out of business.

So many, in such a crowded room did not make an easy fight, and what was more, Krand seemed able to push and pull different members of both his own side, and that of our group. What Krand had not counted on however was the vast swell of rage from our shamanic dwarf at being moved or knocked over. Such a great rage there was from him that it seems all tactical caution was thrown to the wind and he ran at the enemies, his beard bristling with rage. Such a fierce opponent seemed too much, for one of the Duregar tried to run, but Ulrik was having none of it, swinging his force hammer with such velocity that it actually disemboweled him. The second Duregar guard seemed almost overcome by this, his eyes glassy as he looked down at the very dead corpse of what might have been his closest friend or lover. His plight was not long in the coming either, for Heskan’s attack had him falling. I was possibly the only one that noticed the pain-filled look of grief and heartbreak in the Duregar’s eyes as he looked at his fallen comrade in those fleeting moments before he to breathed his last.

Krand, sensing the tide of battle turning against him, called for more reinforcements. However one of the first to make it into the narrow corridor was a dire wolf, whose bodily proportions seemed too large to easily fit, thus blocking further enemies from entering. Its attempts to squeeze down the corridor while being pelted by arrows was pitiful to behold. Slowed to the point of almost inaction, the dire wolf, fierce though it was, didn’t get into the room before Krand fell in battle. This had an instant effect on the wolf, for it let out a howl of grief and turned tail, as much as it could in such a narrow corridor, and fled back to where it had come from.

I found this on the internet.  Click to view the artist's work :)It was this action of grief that seemed to change something for Corvar, whose attention seemed to focus souly on the dire wolf now. While the Kenku would usually appear at the very back of the room, cautious and fleet of foot, he was now the one that led the way down the corridor after the dire wolf, the rest of the group soon following. In his forceful movement, he manages to bluff one of the goblins that it has no chance and gets it to flee out the way, allowing him a more direct and unimpeded course towards the wolf. It might have seemed on the surface to be a full-hardy maneuver, but there was something almost fanatical in those glittering black eyes.

Heedless to the rest of the violence in the place, or indeed the fights between other of the group and the enemies that were in the large central room, Corvar’s attention was purely focused on the dire wolf. It was such a massive creature, and had been so cruelly treated by the Bloodreavers that I was personally surprised when those skills that Corvar put to use, one would assume as having been learned in the forest, made the grief-stricken and confused wolf actually became attentive and tamed to Corvar’s hand. Corvar helped to heal the injured wolf and the two seemed to bond.

This was not what the goblins were wanting. For all the time that Corvar had spent bringing the loyalty of the dire wolf over to their side, the results more than spoke for themselves, for the massive wolf, emancipated and ragged, immediately went to attack the goblins who had treated him so harshly. Goblin cries of ‘bad wolf!’ were heard amidst the crunching of teeth into flesh and bone.

Meanwhile, Titan was fighting a rather rotund hobgoblin, and his demeanor was so intimidating that instead of surrendering, as I expect was wanted, the hobgoblin decided that running away was the best option and no amount of bellowing from Titan was going to stop it. The goblin disappeared into a side room and Titan soon was after it, coming face to face with several large hobgoblin warrior types. Retreating, he stood ready for their inevitable attack.

The battle between Titan and the hobgoblins was fierce, even as in the other room more enemies appeared out of a second entrance to try and deal with Ulrik, Corvar and Ayanna. Unfortunately for Ayanna, a human bandit managed to overbalance her, and she fell onto the floor from the upper area to the lower, getting knocked unconscious. Even when she regained consciousness, it was clear something was not right in the way she stared around vacantly.

Titan lured the hobgoblins he was fighting back towards the main room so they could concert their efforts as a group once more, and this seemed to work, although Ayanna was too far gone to have anything more than some stabilizing her condition done to her. Two of the enemies surrendered and were moved to be questioned later, and Corvar sent his wolf after the hobgoblins that were fighting Titan, and this seemed, along with a lucky bite on its part, to be enough for them to decide that living was better than fighting, and they started to make a run for freedom.

The fight seemed to be going their way, and yet would the hobgoblins manage to escape? Only time would tell.

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