4-00. Foreword from the Scribe

Foreword from the Scribe

ghost-scholarLet me introduce myself.  I am Kenar Hevathar, former apprentice to the great Valthren of Winterhaven.

I first met the group of heroes at the completion of their great adventure to slay the notorious necromancer Kalarel.  I had been drawn from the slumbers of death by residual necromantic magic and decided that now was not my time to rest, and that I would document the travels and adventures of these heroes as they did other great and beneficial acts across the land.

So it was that I traveled, largely unseen, with the group, documenting their exploits.

The group had traveled from Winterhaven to the Thunderspire Mountains to look into the slavery network that had been taking innocent villagers from their homes and families.

Although they were initially fairly successful, in their exploits, it became clear that the it was a far harsher land than they were used to, and the people were on the whole much the same.  The dangers and lifestyle of those that lived in the Labyrinth beneath the Thunderspire Mountains had tempered their opponents into being far better trained at fending off invaders than they were used to dealing with.

Although they had managed to free a few slaves, it was the Duregar in the Horned Hold, a Keep within the Labyrinth that proved their undoing.  Even with the additional help of some dwarf mercenaries, it was too much for them.  Two of their group, along with two of the mercenaries fell in battle, while others were rendered unconscious.  Forced from the offensive into a full retreat, the group made a sharp exit from the Thunderspire Mountains, along with the dwarf mercenaries and their priest and former employer Ulthand.

It was during this time that the mercenaries put forth the idea of teaming up to retake their dwarven town, so they could rebuild their forces and then return eventually to battle the Duregar that had slain their comrades.  Seeing few other appealing options, the group agreed, and so it was they returned to the fresh air of the land above-ground and started making their way to round up more of the scattered inhabitants of the dwarven town so they might have a full fighting force to retake it.

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