4-03. Watchtower Worries

3. Watchtower Worries – 24th July 2015

routemapThe night passed without further incident, and having finished packing the previous day with the help of the group, the camp of dwarves were ready to set out.  Despite the fact that the camp was close to the base of the mountains, it took a fairly long trek to get to a site near Whardek Kral, where they could set up camp for the civilians.

It was during this time that Hamlet and the dwarves from around Fallcrest caught up to them and there was much rejoicing at the reunion, especially for Hamlet who was reunited with his wife, Vallin.  Overall, there were around 100 dwarves who would be fighting, and another 150 civilians who would be staying behind until the fighting was over.  There was a great deal of positivity and high moral in the camp, and soon they settled down to plan the assault that would hopefully regain them their town.

It was decided that the forces were going to split into three teams.  All the teams would move to the north-east side of the mountains that surrounded the town, where they would not be spotted (knowing that such a large force not only was very visible, but also rather audible. Team 1, which would have Hamlet, Vallin (who was not going to be separated from her husband again) and Mosco, would travel with Team 2 which was led by Azdeth, Gillond and Hanor.  They were going to try and take out the eastern watchtower together as quickly as possible, with team 1 then moving around to take on the gate and its towers, while team 2 moved past to clear out the enemies in the merchant’s district.

town routes map

Each colour on the map relates to height. Each colour represents at least 20ft. Blue is water, dark to light green is the main land, and the tan to red are the mountains. The dwarven buildings are set into the mountainside itself, carved from the rock there.

Meanwhile Team 3, led by Ulthand, Torthen, Thurthic and Nurdek, would scale a further part of the mountain, hopefully unspotted, and take out the northern watchtower before trying to clear out the Temple, something that Ulthand was vehemently desperate to do.

Once this was done, hopefully with only minor casualties, Team 2 would continue to hold the center of the town, while Teams 1 and 3 would meet up to clear out the Main Hall. Our group decided to join up with Team 1, both because it was felt that they may need more forces there, but also because Morrak was, much like Ulthand with his temple, driven to clear out the enemy forces from his forge.

The plans laid, their spirits high, they moved the fighting forces into position and scaled the side of the mountain and lay in wait until darkness fell.

to be continued [I have yet to finish writing this.  Check back for updates]


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