Group levels loot and quests

Group information as of 05 Sep 2016

Current player group:

Ulrik: Dwarven shamanic healer with a fetish of Duregar beards
Ayanna: Halfling Assassin with recurring memory loss and multiple personality issues
Dozla: Dwarven fighter who does all the damage
Heskan: Dragonborn ranger whose ritualistic ball taunts are the group staple
Sufjan: Razorclaw Shifter warlock
Orag: Dull-witted but extremely athletic Goliath, disappeared from the group while in the Labyrinth, recently reunited.

Corvar: Kenku Seeker whose pet Dire wolf has got the group out of many a tight spot
Elora: Human Rogue most notable for wielding a broadsword.  You do not want to piss her off.
Zan-kyri: Genasi swordmage of noble descent, with multifaceted teleportation and aegis skills
Revenant Assassin

Experience and Levels:



Loot changes 01 July 2016

Dozla: Jade amulet that had been used to summon a demon
Dozla: small bronze key
Group loot: Silk gloves (magic)
Group loot: Gold Necklace with diamonds and rubies on it
Group loot: 62gp

Loot changes 10 June 2016

Ulrik: 1gp covered in poo
Heskan: Magical Cloak of resistance +2
Dozla: Book of Demogorgon (cursed)
Group loot: 20gp, 76gp, topaz gem

Loot changes 27 May 2016

All active characters gain 65g each from group loot
Heskan, Elora, Ayanna, Ulric, Corvar and Orag:  +17 residuum each
Corvar and Ayanna take 2 potions each from group loot
Scrolls of Bless weapon from group loot: Ulrik, Heskan, Elora, Corvar (x2)
Corvar: drow house insignia from group loot
Elora: Staff from group loot
Ulrik: Brooch of no reagents from group loot
Heskan: gem of colliquay from group loot

Magical items, quest items and Group Loot:

* Lightning Greatbow +1 (character creation item)
* Super bag of holding with pockets (loot I think)
* Hat of Disguise (bought from Gendar)
* Tamed dire wolf- Brannoch
* Secretly looted paper scraps with dwarven runes on them (betting slips)
* Trader contract from Mages of Saruun  (rp)
* iron ring of the dwarven lords
* Bronze warder command amulet
* Enchanted amulet with an insignia of a Drow House on it (unidentified)

* (starting item?)
* Longbow +1 (enchanted it during a quest)
* Cursed Greatbow of Seduction
* trading box from Gendar (quest item)
* iron ring of the dwarven lords
* Gem of Colloquay (head slot item)
* Magical Cloak of resistance +2

* (starting item?)
* Valthrun’s throwing Force hammer +2 (loot)
* Magic scroll for poor trail rations (rp loot)
* Belt of Sacrifice (loot)
* Urwol’s (identified) Magic Warhammer
* severed duregar beard x2 (rp loot)
* Cloak of the Shadow Thief (loot)
* iron ring of the dwarven lords
* Brooch of no reagents

* (starting item)
* story item: pet training belly band

* small onyx idol of a demon with ruby eyes (stolen from Macklemore) (rp)
* circular rock with a carved flightless bird on it (stolen from a bugbear) (rp)
* iron ring of the dwarven lords
* Helmet of Dark Vision
* Dagger (+ )
* Leather Armour (+ )
* Cloak blessed by Erathis (rp personal quest item)

* (starting item)
* Fleshcarvers’s dwarven book (ASet4-05)
* tames Hyena 10
* iron ring of the dwarven lords
* Book of Demogorgon (cursed)
* Jade amulet that had been used to summon a demon (loot)
* small bronze key for chest, (now useless probably)

* (starting item)
* iron ring of the dwarven lords

*  (starting weapon)
* mithril pyjamas
* iron ring of the dwarven lords
* Staff of the Temporal Juggler +1

Zan Kyri
* (starting weapon)
* iron ring of the dwarven lords

* (starting weapon or armour)
* Toxic mushrooms (Gendar 70g, Provisioner can make potions from them for 5g)
* Bronze warder command amulet

Group Loot – (currently carried by Corvar in his multipocketed bag of holding)
* 160g 45s 60c
* 30 foodstuffs
* 8 small diamonds, 4 small emeralds, 3 rubies, 3 purple gems, 1 topaz gem
* Gold Necklace with diamonds and rubies on it
* 1 of 2 keys for the Court of Bones
* 1 Iron Key (chest in Horned Hold)
* 1 Gravespawn potion
* 3 rolls of fine quality cloth
* 1 potion of healing

* Bloodthread Armour +1
* Delver’s Chainmail +2  (taken by Morrak, but later put back into group loot)
* Silk gloves (magic)
* Fancy Dwarven Crossbow – Jammed
* Skullthumper Morningstar
* Lifedrinker Scimitar +1
* Quarterstaff +1 (lightning)
* Devilblind mace
Other (potentially) important items

Current quests:

Group Quests:

  • Winterhaven: Go to the Seven-Pillared Hall, and look into and deal with the Bloodreaver threat.  Return to Lord Padraig for reward.
  • Seven-PIllared Hall: Contract with Temple of Hidden Light to hunt down spined devils
  • Whurdek Kral: Re-sanctify the dwarf town temple for Ulthand
  • Whurdek Kral:  find the totems from the temple from Ulthand
  • Whurdek Kral: Find flourmatine acid to help remove corruption for Ulthand’s temple.  Can be found on Morden Hydra or from a shop maybe

Defunct quests:

  • Titan had quest to slay a dragon for its heart for priest of Kord.  May be some update there for the group?

Heskan Quests:

  • Return to the Winterhaven trader with Gendar’s package

Corvar Quests:

  • Find the gambling establishment and cash in the gambling slip.
  • owes Ayanna 5g
  • Gave pet mule to the two slaves, sends them off to Fallcrest.  May be some update there
  • Find Valdrog’s daughter, who was left in the care of the Temple of Kord, pass on his last words to her. (the restless dead encounter)

Ayanna Quests:

  • Identify the stolen rock
  • Get the looted wight arm made into something
  • Get brain transmog via Acolytes of Vecna in order not to become a complete vegetable.

Ulrik Quests:

  • Look into Gwenn’s potential appearance within the Labyrinth
  • owes Corvar 1 reagent, when identified Rundarr’s Hammer

Zan Kyri Quests:

  • Restore his blade to its former glory



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