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GW2 Challenge

GW2 challenge



Level a character up to 10 (within the rules listed below) and do their level 10 personal story, then use the twisted watchwork portal to get to a random area (not a starter area) in Tyria.

Rewards are given at milestones

  • 3 point requisition order for making it safely back to the character’s racial city and reporting into the person in charge after having used a twisted watchwork portal
  • 2 point requisition order at level 20 and every 5 levels thereafter

Characters may save up points they do not need right away, and use them later, but the requisition orders may only be used at your race’s home city.

When players have chosen the rewards they wish, they mail the order to their main character account (or the person designated to send it) and that person will then purchase and mail the items back to the challenge character.  Note that free accounts will have to add the sender as a friend in order to receive the items.  Sending a note of the current requisition order points in the mail would also be useful.

Requisition Order Rewards

Armour & Weapons

  • 1 pt : 1 piece of masterwork armour or weapons of level +/- 5 levels from character
  • 2 pt : 1 rare armour or weapon of level +/- level from character
  • 3 pt: 1 exotic armour or weapon of level +/- level from character


  • 1 pt : 2 armour rune minor
  • 1 pt : 1 armour rune major if high enough level to use it
  • 2 pt : 1 armour rune superior if high enough level to use it
  • 1 pt : 1 weapon sigil minor
  • 2 pt : 1 major weapon sigil if high enough level to use it
  • 2 pt : 1 superior weapon sigil if high enough level to use it


  • 1 pt: basic 8 slot bag
  • 2pt: basic 12 slot bag
  • 3 pt: basic 15 slot bag

Character setup

  • Have to have food up at all times
  • Can only log off in a safe location like a Homestead, priory camp etc.  Resting takes 3 food.
  • If you can buy food from a karma vendor, but it isn’t of the correct level.  You can destroy those and get grumble cake through the mail instead.
  • Do not use large events that have a large number of players.  No carrying/leeching.
  • No use of waypoints except when dead (see rules on death)
  • You can only change your skills after a rest at a safe location, the same would be for using dye on your gear, or if you find a transmogrification potion.

Inventory and Trading

  • Players should only use 3 bag slots, the beginners backpack and two extra, since free accounts only have 3.
  • Players cannot use the regular bank and they cannot use deposit collections either.  Bag space management is a part of this setup.  No guild bank either, since free accounts cannot use them.
  • No gold/karma/items etc except what you earn.
  • Trading Post:  If you are at a vendor in a safe area you can sell crafting materials, but not anything else to the trading post.
  • Trading Post:  You cannot buy anything except basic (white) crafting materials from the trading post, and only as buy-orders, not instant purchase.

Death and Dying

  • If you die, you can waypoint, but you lose all food and gear.  You have to use skills and nearby items (like rocks and sticks) to defeat foes, moving towards where your death happened.  For each mob you kill, you gain one the use of one of your items back.  Mob types that did not kill you gain a non-armour or weapon item (like food), or type of mob that killed you, you regain one piece of armour or weapon at random.  Any food you get back is halved.
  • If you can be resurrected by a player, then you regain yourself and all your gear without losing any of it, since you pick yourself up.  However you may not broadcast for aid (the dead cannot speak).  You may thank them out of character if they are resurrecting you, and explain the situation using brackets around the text to show it is such.


Guild – Big Boners Warband

Darren:  Venris Bonesnapper – ash legion scout

Ines:  Rixton Bonerage – iron legion

Level 6.

The warband has been helping the Ash Legion to the north of the Black Citadel before heading east.  They aided the iron legion by disrupting flame legion in the area, and then aided in training some Blood and Iron legion in a training pit.  Both are now on a personal quest to make some food, but have so far found the drakes in the area to be difficult to carve proper slabs of meat from.

20160728163037_1Level 13/14

The pair spent some time making themselves useful around the Plains of Ashford, close to the Black Citadel until word came that Rixton was to come back and report in.  Venris followed along, helping him stop some flame legion and aiding Rixton in building and testing his ghost destroying rifle.  No sooner had they done this, than Venris also got called in to report to his superior at the Ash Legion.  They infiltrated the Flame Legion and uncovered a plot to set the Blood and Iron legions at each other.  Given the choice of which to go help himself, Venris chose the Iron Legion since it seemed like the more difficult task (since Fengar was likely to need the easier option) and the fact that pretty much every dead soldier they have come across so far in the Plains of Ashford has been Iron Legion.  They need the help better, as even Rixton admits.


Currently Level 15/17

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Notes on changes made to the rule setup for the trading post:

So far the main issue has been the inability to trade items between characters.  With bag space being such an issue, sharing crafting to make things (like more bags) really is necessary, but free accounts cannot trade items via mail to friends/guildmates, and they cannot use the guild bank either.  This means that each individual character has to gather their own materials, and gear, no matter who they are doing the challenge with.  It wouldn’t be as big a problem if there was some ability to purchase from the trading post, but the current rules forbid that.

In order to get enough leather to make an 8-slot bag, it took over 2 hours in total of grinding, and increased my level by 2, which is problematic since the levelling will quickly outstrip the ability to craft items by drops.

The other issue is that being able to trade materials we don’t need on the trading post when near a vendor also means that I do have a decent amount of money saved up now.  However, not being able to purchase anything from the trading post also means that there is very little opportunity to actually spend the gold, since most of the vendors that we come across are Karma ones.

Both of these issues would be dealt with amicably well by the ability to purchase base crafting materials from the trading post.  Characters would have to craft their own items still, but the necessity of grinding endlessly would be cut down.   I don’t see this as giving the players too much advantage, merely cutting down grinding.

It was decided to change the rules to take into account these issues.  Players can now purchase basic crafting materials (not fine, uncommon, rare etc) from the trading post, but only as buy-orders, and only when they are at a vendor.  Players may not purchase basic equipment, bags or food etc.


Chapter 2 – To the Human Lands

Chapter 2 – To the Human Lands

I spent some time in the Grove, hoping perhaps to understand why those of the Pale Tree, despite the teachings, still felt the need to kill and hurt other beings.  Sadly I came to no satisfactory conclusion.  Many were and are moved to follow the path their Dream sets for them, and I know that drive, for I can feel it in myself, and yet I cannot in good conscience follow it.

In order to gain some distance from the mother tree and the source of the Dream, I have undertaken the journey through the Asura gate to Lion’s Arch and then out to Divinity’s Reach, the Human capital.  I hope to find some clarity of thought so far from home, but also perhaps to find out if all the other races are doing the same as my own appear to be: going swiftly to murder rather than defense and diplomacy.

Wandering through Divinity’s Reach, I listened to Ministers discussing the Humans’ problems.  I saw beauty, ingenuity and prosperity but also suffering, willful blindness and deprivation.  I was granted the blessing from one of the Human God’s Priestesses and founds my steps quickening in the hope to find the answers I sought, but all I found were more questions.  Above all, I have seen that the humans are struggling, not only with outside influences, but also amongst themselves.  They cannot seem to find a collective impulse with which to go towards, but are constantly struggling not only with themselves, but also to survive.

Humans are also, I have found, not nearly so talkative to strangers as my own people are want to be.  It is better to wander around, lingering at shops and listen while they talk amongst themselves instead of asking directly.  In this way I have learned far more than by asking.

I shall continue my search outside these walls and into the human lands where it is said many of the true struggles happen.  Perhaps with all their varying views and goals the humans will have some who, like me, abhor the idea of violence.

The first hope!  I met a Priest of Dwayna in a hospice outside the city gates.  Here are people with healing and medical training that try to help others, especially those that have been in battle.  I was heartened meeting him, but the wider questions still remain.  Are there none that would rather negotiate or defend rather than attack?  Surely there must be a group that feels this way.

The most awful thing happened today.  I was in a swamp in the human land Queensdale, a place where the veil between this world and the mists is thin.  There were portals all around spewing forth angry shades and other beasts.  I had picked up a sword from somewhere, intending to salvage it but had not yet done so, and I thought perhaps I could destroy the portal, so that fewer of the creatures could come through and threaten the people in this land.

It went well at first, for although it was fairly strong in its construction, I had been making headway with it.  But then creatures came through it.  The portal was so large and bright, it blocked my view, and I did not notice either the creature, nor the fact that a drake, who had previously left me alone, was now charging at the shade with intent to preserve its territory.  The first time I knew about the change of circumstance was when my sword bit into the drake.

I cannot adequately explain my horror at having accidentally done such a thing.  I wounded an animal, no matter if it was a mistake.  Horrified by my actions, I fled the area to a nearby fortified post to the south.  I write this now knowing there is no one here I could even tell about such a thing, for their armour and weapons told me enough that they would not understand my plight.  The drake is probably dead now, killed by those shades.  No matter if that might have happened anyway, I caused the drake, and perhaps even the shades as well, some harm.  I doubt I shall sleep well for quite some time with the shame and horror my actions have brought me.  I have destroyed the weapon.

After my run-in with the drake, I dedicated more time into helping those with injuries, hoping it might allay some of my guilt.  In doing so I am fast coming to the conclusion that humans seem to have little or no sense of self-preservation, and unless highly trained, have little sense of when it might be prudent to retreat.  Even those that are trained seem far more likely to rashly throw their lives away in pursuit of some potential gain for their race, or even no gain that I could see.

It has left me with worrying questions about the rightness of healing those in battle.  That I should be attempting to help and heal people is clear to me, but I have never actively aided with things that might bring harm to others, such as setting up and using turrets.  But is this not what I am doing by healing those that would run straight back into battle?  I spent an age attempting to heal scholars, bodyguards, and even seraph, only to have them run headlong back into battle, even when their wounds were still severe.  No matter that I told them they should retreat, they did not.  They fell, and I healed them, but they just went back to the fight.

I question now whether I should be doing this.  My healing was directly aiding in the harm and even death of others.  This troubles me greatly.  I took refuge in the nearby monastery hoping to clear my thoughts.

Traveling deeper into the human lands, through Queensdale and into Kessex Hills, the battle between the humans and centaurs was far more obvious.  In Kessex Hills humans struggle to hold their positions while centaurs gain ground against them.  Their efforts at survival out there, where farming is almost impossible under the circumstances, hampered by a great amount of bandits, most of them human, who have taken to robbing travelers in broad daylight rather than try to work the land for a living since it has become so difficult out here.

The centaur attacks are fast and brutal, and from what I could see the humans and centaurs are fighting over the same regions of land constantly, retaking it from each other and having little time to reinforce.  The centaurs also use horrible tactics against the humans, such as those spike traps I came across in Queensdale, as well as burning down human settlements.  Except for small heavily fortified buildings, the humans have all but been driven from this land.  Even the roads are not passable for the routine ambushes by krait, bandits and centaurs, not to mention the local wildlife, which has grown violent.  I can only presume that the increase in wildlife hostility is due to the constant warfare in the area that has disrupted their natural hunting grounds.

I returned to Queensdale, more knowledgeable about the humans’ plight, but no closer to finding a solution that might stop the bloodshed when I came across two men from the Ministry.  Interjecting into their quiet evening contemplations, I asked them about the war with the centaurs, and why humans seemed to throw their lives away so frequently instead of reinforcing what they already had.

They seemed to be of the opinion that the only way of gaining any sort of lasting peace with the centaurs would be to push the attack, establishing forward camps and forcing the centaurs to surrender.  This, they argued, would not happen from a defensive position, especially since centaurs were masters of shock attacks and siege warfare.  No matter how strong the defenses, the centaurs, they believed, would break through given time.

I was dismayed by this, especially when they said that in their opinion the centaurs were not a ‘rational state body’ like the Charr or Sylvari that could be negotiated with.  Their only option, they said, was to press on, no matter the cost, because to do otherwise would see humans enslaved and their settlements burned.

Having seen what I had in Kessex Hills, I could only agree that their worries might be true, but can some negotiation not be opened with the centaurs?  If the humans and charr, once mortal enemies could broker peace, surely the same might be done with the centaurs.  It is something to think on, certainly.

I was about to leave, when a parting comment caused me to pause.  “If a new Ventari led the centaurs down a road of peace, there would be hope.  Otherwise, the war goes on.”

Of course!  Why did I not see it before?  All centaurs are not given to the same creed of bloodshed with others, Ventari alone is evidence of that.  Whether the man had known it or not, he had given me the answers to the human struggle.  If only now I could find a way of instigating it.

I traveled back to Divinitys Reach, my thoughts in turmoil over the situation of what I had seen, and what I might do about it.  Even now, with such a momentous task before me, something that might help change the course of the human race away from the bloodshed against the centaurs, I feel the pull of the Dream.  I do not want to fight!  Why does the Dream not understand that?!  It pushes and pushes at my thoughts, eating away at my concentration with its call to battle.  Why are we being pressed to fight and kill when our very teachings say that all life is precious, that all things have a right to grow?

I found my way into the Library provided by the Durmund Priory, and in it I found a book called ‘The Centaur War’ by Vonda Lassien.  What was written in there was illuminating in it’s knowledge:

The first documented human-centaur battles occurred in 300 A.E. when human settlements began spreading from the fertile Krytan valley into the Shiverpeaks.  Over time, the human settlements grew and spread.  Simultaneously, centaur tribes began to organize their efforts to hold and retake their lands.  Early in his reign, Krytan King Thorn proposed a treaty to the centauran tribes, but the centaurs rejected its terms as unfavorable.

This excited me for a number of reasons.  Not only was it documented evidence that it is primarily land-use that caused the battles with centaurs, started by humans, but also that centaurs were willing to negotiate at some point in the past, but after the terms were rejected there is no mention of it happening again.  This means that possibly some negotiation, some compromise could be reached in future!  There is hope!

While I was in the Priory, I did speak to their recruiter there, an enthusiastic woman named Levanche.  The Priory seems to be a good place to research and find solutions to problems rather than merely running into battle.  They use their knowledge to help people!  Perhaps this is where I should be offering my aid?

Alas, when I asked her about joining, she, in the most diplomatic of terms, said that they wanted their recruits to have a “certain amount of worldly experience” and that she hoped I would return when I had that.  Worldly experience?  I know my appearance is somewhat unorthodox in that I do not carry a weapon, but what sort of worldly experience does she mean?  What experience does the Priory require to do research and investigation?  She would not answer.

I left both buoyed by my find in the book, but also confused at the rejection by the recruiter.

A strange philosophy from the monk. I was saddened to learn how necessary it was to have armed monks there at the monastery.

A strange philosophy from the monk. I was saddened to learn how necessary it was to have armed monks there at the monastery.

The great fortified centaur camps were both amazing and horrifying

The great fortified centaur camps were both amazing and horrifying

The two men from the Krytan Ministry that discussed why humans were unable to merely defend.

The two men from the Krytan Ministry that discussed why humans were unable to merely defend.

Tried to join the Priory in Divinitys Reach, but they turned me away.

Tried to join the Priory in Divinitys Reach, but they turned me away.

Continue to Chapter 3 – (coming soon)

Chapter 1 – the first steps

The Dream was all I had ever known.  Filled with memories of others, those that had lived before, gave me the knowledge I needed to know the world around me.  And yet this was not the world in which I would come to know, this place called the Dream.  It was the waking world I was destined to live, so different from the Dream, so filled with violence and hatred that the dream had showed little of until the time of my waking.

It started with the nightmares.  Creatures of thorn and vine that was so unlike the rest of those I had seen and watched.  These creatures I could touch, these creatures could touch me in return and hurt.   And they did.  The Dream had shown them to me before, but nothing could prepare me for how terrifying they were after so long insulated in the hazy world of memories.

I found myself following the voice of another, through the Dream and away from the nightmares only to be led, not into safety, but to a clearing filled with them.  I stood shocked as she ran forth, made tangible as I was, closely followed by another I did not know.  They fought the nightmares as they called them, hacking at them with blades and magic in ways I had only seen in hazy flashes before.  Such horror, not only to be attacked as these things were doing, but to use weapons to cut and mutilate and kill.

I tried to aid them with what healing skills I knew, but when a weapon was put in my hand, I could not stand the touch.  They expected me to take up arms against these creatures?  They were living, thinking beings!  How could they conceive to kill them! It was clear they were following orders, following blindly perhaps, but did they really have to die?  I had seen death in the dream.  I had seen the vast swathes of mourning over lost loved ones.  Who was to say what good these creatures might be brought to do, or who might mourn their passing if their lives were cut short.  I could not do it.

Then the true nightmare reared itself up.  A great dragon of earth and vine and tree.  I looked up at it in awe and fear, but there was little I could do against it, even as the other two hacked at its forelegs.  Why did it attack us?  I did not know, but could they not feel how wrong it was to be hurting others?  Was retreat not an option?  The great dragon seemed angry and in pain, and only grew more so as the pair hacked at it as I looked on, unable and unwilling to help them in such an endeavor.

It fell.  Such a creature of glory, no matter its purpose, had been killed. Felled, by those saying they were doing good.  How could death ever be good?

I woke, confused and angry to the words of others who were likewise baffled by the waking world in different ways.  The mentors were all very sure of themselves, but they, like Caithe and the other stranger, seemed determined I should take up the sword or hammer and fight the dragons.  Valiant they called me.  A wild hunt was my destiny, they said.  How could my destiny, the purpose the Dream had been supposedly teaching me about be so at odds with how I feel?  I will venture forth into the world, and see what good I can do without this vile urge to kill that so many of my kind, and other races, seem to feel.

It has been several weeks now, and the weight of my duty and that of what the Dream calls on me to do hounds me still.  And yet with each passing day, I am more convinced of my belief that killing and hurting others is wrong, the very thing that the Dream tells me I must learn and excel at!  I cannot do it!

I will not.

I have taken to doing tasks for others that do not grind away at my will and resolve.  I have helped feed moas, build defenses, and encouraged lost hounds to return home.  I have picked mushrooms that were needed, help rid an area of harmful plants and cleared an infested area of webs.  I have even gone in disguise to a Nightmare Court camp to help weaken their defenses, and offer words of support and care to those trapped there.

Many would see my small acts as being fairly useless, but I have seen the difference that they make.  If nothing else, doing these helps ease the burden of the Dream from my thoughts.

I nearly died today if not for a brave soul that came to my rescue.  Skritt are, it seems, exceedingly territorial and precious of their various stacked belongings.  I won’t forget that lesson any time soon.  I think it is time to invest some time in crafting some new armour.  Perhaps I could take it up as a profession if I am good enough at it.  What better way to help protect others than by making armour?!

Alas, my plans are for naught.  I have found, to my horror, that the better armour is made not only with cloth and metal, but also using parts of dead creatures!  How can others stand to wear such things when it has the blood of living creatures infused into it, or fangs or venom sacs.  I had expected that sort of thing from the Norn race, for they seemed very keen on such disgusting trophies from what I learned in the Dream, but from my own people?!

Never will I wear such things!  Never will I create it or buy it.  I could not conceive of ever feeling right knowing that I had created or sold things that had body parts stuck to it.  Parts of creatures that had once been alive.  I feel somewhat sick just thinking about it.

No, I shall not do that.  Only the simplest of armour will be the ones that I buy, ones made only of metals.

My first steps in Tyria

My first steps in Tyria

The quiet beauty of rural human construction

The quiet beauty of rural human construction

Someone who wants to live by healing others!

Someone who wants to live by healing others!

A spike trap lain by centaurs

A spike trap lain by centaurs

A view of Divinitys Reach

A view of Divinitys Reach

Uncertain what to do, I take a while to contemplate my future.

Uncertain what to do, I take a while to contemplate my future.

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