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At last! Stoneholm is complete!

Game: Rift
Shard: Typheria EU
Dimension Name: O-RP Stoneholm
Owner: Harrier

Attention all intrepid explorers, archaeologists and historians!  A recent malfunction of the porticulum has yeilded unexpected results!  An abandoned tunnel complex deep in the Shimmersand mountains has been unearthed!



Not only that, but these tunnels, while interesting as of themselves, are nothing compared to the discovery of an a small abandoned village set deep within the mountains, thought to have been potentially once inhabited by early dwarven kin.


The village itself seems to have been in a state of decay for some time, and has, from recent reports, had several clear habitation periods.  Not all of the village houses, that are carved from the very rock itself, have survived the tests of time.  In particular, ones with the dark, almost black volcanic rock seem to have suffered the most. However many of the houses still survive surprisingly intact despite subsequent robbing of their contents by later inhabitants.

Much might be gleaned from the layout of these early dwellings, for several features do seem prominent in all of the homes.

The Telaran Archaeological Society therefore invites you to come and explore the village and report your findings on this exciting new discovery!

The Telaran Archaeological Society takes no responsibility for damage or loss of life of explorers, or the reliability of the teleporter on exit.