Dungeons and Dragons

Our D&D group has been running for about 14 -15 months now, using the 4th edition rule-set and a homemade grid board.  We starting out from a position of no-knowledge to where we are now, which is a (mostly) functioning, if eclectic group.  Our characters have gone from a heroic group of adventurers out to help humanity into a hardened mercenary group who have done some rather questionable things.  I charted the course of our group through a series of summaries in story format from October 2014, and it is those that I will share here.

Current players can find level and loot updates here

Dice-bag-2014Campaign 1

We worked through the official Campaign “Keep on the Shadowfell”.  I was not there for all of it, and didn’t start writing the summaries until the start of the next set when I took over as Dungeon Master (DM).  So no stories documenting our early years.

Campaign set 2

This was a set of quests and situations made to help our group level up enough so we could tackle the next official Campaign.  No spoilers here, except for the first quest which we had neglected to complete before, and hey, every bit of exp counts 🙂  Most of these were done as sort of mini tutorials for different aspects of the game, and I end up writing more as the story moves onwards.

1. The Dead Walk – 3rd October 2014
2. Making Magical Items – 9th October 2014
3. Making Magical Items continued – 17th October 2014
4. The Old Master’s Lesson – 6th November 2014
5. Taming the Beast – 20th November 2014
6. Haunted Hamlet – 14th November 2014
7. The Haunted Hamlet continued – 27th November 2014
8. To the Temple – 16th December 2014
9. To the Temple continued – 16th January 2015
10. Circles of Cleansing – 23rd January 2015
11. Drop-in Visit – 6th & 20th February 2015

Campaign 3

Having leveled up enough, we moved onto the official campaign “Thunderspire Labyrinth”.  If you have yet to play this campaign, be aware there are a LOT of spoilers if you read the stories listed below.  Babis took over as DM so I could play a character for this, but I continued to write the summaries listed here.  The campaign is ongoing with quite a bit of custom content added in.  As always, I will update this page as we continue on.

Foreword from the Scribe
1. Path to Thunderspire – 20th February 2015
2. Entry to the Seven-Pillared Hall – 27th February 2015
3. Entering the Chamber of Eyes – 13th March 2015
4. Chamber of Eyes – 3rd April 2015
5. Chamber of Eyes continued – 10th April 2015
6. Collapsing Roads – 17th April 2015
7. Urwol’s Keep – 24th April 2015
8. Rundarr’s Keep – 1st May 2015
9. Assault on the Main Keep – 22nd May 2015
10. The Old Keep Chapel – 29th May 2015 [notes misplaced, combat part unwritten]
11. Meeting Macklemore – 12th June 2015 [notes misplaced, placeholder page]
12. Fateful Keep – 19th June 2015


Campaign 4

After the rather dismal display at the Keep, leaving two of our player characters dead and a couple of core people unable to attend over summer, we decided to change things up a bit.  We recruited some new players and started this next home-made campaign.  A bit of change of scenery, some space to get the new players more confident in play and hopefully get our team strong enough to eventually go back and get revenge.

Foreword from the Scribe
1. Caravan Attack – 26th June 2015
2. Dwarven Mining Camp – 10th July 2015
3. Watchtower Worries – 24th July 2015 [incomplete, not finished writing it up yet]
4. Ogre!! – 31st July 2015
5. Stoking the Kitchen Fires – 16th Oct 2015
6. Down the Stairs – 30th Oct 2015
7. Misguided Mercy – 13th Nov 2015
8. Spiders Everywhere – 11th Dec 2015
9. Darkness in the Temple – 15th Jan 2016
10. Into the Mines – 2nd Feb 2016
11. Collapsing Tunnels – 19th Feb 2016
12. Shifting Skulls of Doom – 4th March 2016


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