GW2 Pacifist

GW2-logoFor out of character information on how I set up my pacifist, the rules I used in game, and tips on playing your own pacifist, check out this page here:
Creating a pacifist – the rules
Playing the pacifist – ooc notes

If you are interested in running around with my character and seeing how its done, his name is Ven The Pacifist, on the EU servers.  Feel free to send me a whisper or send a mail with questions and I will get back to you.

Before you sits a well-used tome.  It is ragged around the edges, its pages are worn and in some places the ink is faded or smudged.  Opening it, you see a sheaf of paper has been added at the front in handwriting unlike that of the rest of the book:

Hello and welcome!  Knowledge should be shared, and here in this book I have found an amazing story that must come to light.  Find a quiet corner, sit and get comfortable and read on.  Let this book tell you the true story of the journey of a sylvari who refused to harm others.  In these trying times when the great dragon Mordramoth, the true creator of the sylvari race, has turned so many against Tyria, this one young sylvari took matters into his own hands, proving that peace and harmony could be established despite overwhelming odds.

Read on, dear friends, and learn his story as it unfolds!


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