Guild Wars 2


I found myself having more and more posts all to do with Guild Wars 2 that I decided to reorganize a bit and put them here.  If you want to check out my other reviews and tips posts, check the home page here.

Guild Wars 2 PvE review
I may end up changing this at some point.  I wrote this a while ago now, and while it is still useful enough, I feel many of the points would be better put in the new player guide instead.

New Player tips
A general guide for new player coming to Guild Wars 2.  It covers the basics of using the UI, understanding trade, crafts, combat, the wardrobe features etc.

PvP Rank Farming Explained
This is the page that I get the most traffic to.  I explain what it is, why you might want to use it, and tips on how to maximize your rank, and general dos and dont’s

Making gold – Part 1
In this post I discuss the basics of using the trading post well, and how to make gold via the trading post.  It covers aspects I am often asked about by new players.

Making gold – Part 2 (postponed)
I had intended to do a post about making gold, but then HoT came out and the economy changed dramatically.  I held off making this guide since the economy was in flux, but also because I took a break for a while from GW2.  Having returned, I still have not got the hang of the economy yet enough to write this guide, but hopefully I shall be able to offer some insights soon.

GW2 Pacifist
I embarked on different ways of playing the game, and making a challenge character, one who adheres to player-made rulesets, sounded fun.  I wanted to try levelling a character that did not hurt or kill anything.  Here is his story, my progress and details of the ruleset I used.